Open Evening on 3rd March 2017

Over 30 people joined us last Friday for our Open Evening, and we sung through some of the music we’ll be singing on the Sounds of the Decades show in aid of Multiple Sclerosis.


It was great to meet and get to know a little about so many people, but the best part of the evening had to be the sound we made!

Showcase has always been known for its harmonies, but we turned it up a notch on the night. Tom (our MD) was in raptures!

I hope most of the people who joined us will come along to more rehearsals, and join us on the Winston Churchill Hall stage on the 13th of May.

30 minute call

Just had the 30 minute call. Opening night tonight!

Whose birthday?


It would be rude to say whose birthday it was today, wouldn’t it!

Dancing fit

We tried something a little different last night; we tried out a new choreographer, Kristy.

Well, perhaps it is better to say that she tried us out. She needed to see what we could cope with…

We started fairly gently but as the routine went on, things got harder and harder. The final 30 seconds or so were pretty intense! Stunningly, almost everybody made it through to the end; everyone was prepared to give it a try. I think we surprised Kristy, with our enthusiasm, if not our ability 🙂

Or maybe it was the amount of sweat and the shade of the red in our faces?

Not every session is quite such hard work – Sue has promised us some music rehearsals at some point – but I hope we do something similar before too long…

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