Dancing fit

We tried something a little different last night; we tried out a new choreographer, Kristy.

Well, perhaps it is better to say that she tried us out. She needed to see what we could cope with…

We started fairly gently but as the routine went on, things got harder and harder. The final 30 seconds or so were pretty intense! Stunningly, almost everybody made it through to the end; everyone was prepared to give it a try. I think we surprised Kristy, with our enthusiasm, if not our ability 🙂

Or maybe it was the amount of sweat and the shade of the red in our faces?

Not every session is quite such hard work – Sue has promised us some music rehearsals at some point – but I hope we do something similar before too long…

Front Of House volunteers needed

Now that rehearsals are under way for our next show, which will run from the 7th to the 9th of July at the Compass Theatre in Ickenham, the committee and production team have begun to think about the practicalities of staging a show in a theatre.

One thing that is absolutely essential is a team of volunteers to help out Front Of House (in the foyer and auditorium).

We need a Front of House manager, ideally for all three nights, plus three extra people for each of the three performances. The volunteers will need to be reasonably able-bodied, since they will need to help guide people towards the exits in the event of an emergency (very rare, but we need to be prepared, just in case).

No previous experience is required, as Compass staff give all necessary training at the beginning of the evening.

Front of House volunteers would usually get to see most, if not all, of the show without needing to buy a ticket. However, there must be one member of the team in the Foyer at all times, and this person won’t be able to see the show. It is usual for volunteers to swap over during the interval, or else for someone to volunteer for more than one show, so they get to watch on at least one night.

If you would like to volunteer, or know anyone you can press-gang persuade to volunteer, then please talk to Mike during one of the rehearsals, or drop us a line by email.

The show cannot “go up” (i.e. start) unless all the front of house team are present, so please only volunteer if you are sure you’ll be able to make it (barring exceptional circumstances, of course).

Picture Gallery page transferred

I’ve just copied the old Picture gallery page from our old site to WordPress.

It doesn’t have the newer picture galleries in it – these will be in the Picture Galleries category

Back to Rehearsals for “From West End to Broadway”

We’re back to rehearsals on the 7th of January 2011 at 7:45 pm prompt, please. There is a lot to get done as we begin the process of casting our Summer show.

Contact info@showcasemusicaltheatre.org.uk if you need information about how to get there…

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