Keep Up To Date

Friends of the company should consider joining the Showcase Facebook group for gossip and updates.

Did you know that you can also subscribe to receive updates from the Showcase website, so you can keep up to date with the latest news?

There are lots of different ways to get notified when anything changes.

First, you can enter your email address in the right hand column, and choose the Sign Me Up button. This will email you when a new post is made.

Second, if you make a comment on a post, you can select the “Subscribe” checkbox, for the same result.

Third, if you have an RSS reader, every page has an RSS feed link on it, either for posts or comments. RSS readers allow you to check for updates on lots of web sites at the same time, without having to visit each of those web sites one by one.

Fourth, this site is hosted on and if you sign up for (free) membership of the site, you’ll find a toolbar appears at the top of any site (including this one) and one of the entries in that toolbar is a link to Subscribe to the blog. This puts all updates for any wordpress site that you are interested in on a single page. Every page on the Showcase web site has a set of links at the bottom of the page, allowing you to register, or log in to an existing account.

Never miss out on Showcase news again!

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